Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Heroes : S02E07 Out Of Time

This is the motherload, this episode is jampacked with everything you have been asking about since the season began. Ok starting here take a long breath, Bennet and the Hatian finally get the remaining Isaac paintings and we see a lot of them coming true throughout the episode. Peter and Caitlin are in a post 2008 virus infected New York, the "Shanti Virus"(named after Dr. Suresh's sister) has killed hundreds and Peter finally gains some of his memories back. Hiro's betrayal of Takeizo has disastrous results but Hiro saves the day yet again. Matt and Nathan have gone in the company to inform Bob that he might be the target of Matt's dad. We learn that Matt cannot only read minds but can control them too like his father and ends up trapping his father and bringing back Molly. In all the chaos Maury(Matt's dad) gets to Nicky who sees DL bieng killed by Bob and goes to inject Bob with the virus but ends up injecting it to herself as Nathan tries to convince her she is hallucinating. West finally learns that Claire's father is the "man with the horn-rimmed glasses" and flees.Whooo.... is that a lot or what??

But wait here's a few more for you, Peter gets back to 2007 but leaves Caitlin in the future, Claire is rebelling against her father, Adam and Takezo are the same man and Nathan learns that Peter is alive.....are you full yet??

Wow this episode has got to be the best yet and with the onset of the Writers Guild strike, many fans will really be disappointed if they see reruns of this show for a long time..so for the first time since the inception of my blog

Heroes : S02E07 Out Of Time.............10/10


Victor Pencak said...

Owww Claire is so sexy... She is my favorite character... What do you think it's going to happen? Is she going to be a cheerleader again?
I saw this funny video where some players ran over a cheerleader who was in their way...
That would not be a problem for Claire, right? LOL

The Architect said...

im thinking not LOL
i forgot
Nicky has the new strain of virus that can't be cured by Suresh's blood, im guessing its the Shanti virus