Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bleach Update: Episode 141

This Weeks Bleach focused on Orihime's farewell to her friends, before she goes to Hueco Mundo to do Aizen's bidding.

Of course shes not betraying them but in her mind she is protecting them from Ulquoirra.

Not much action on this one but more on reflection on friends and the true feelings of Orihime for Ichigo.

She was given a bracelet to hide her from everyone except from the Arrancar and given time to say farewell to just one of her friends. In the end she chose to be with Ichigo till the morning she was leaving

"Goodbye Halcyon Days"

Oh and since this is an introductory post of Bleach
here's a bit of background for those who are unfamiliar of the anime:

Bleach is a new anime series that follows the life of a 15 year old boy by the name of Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo is not any average boy; he has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. This stems from his other unusual trait: awesome, untapped Spiritual energy. Ichigo does what he can for the spirits he meets, until a Hollow (evil soul spirit) attacks him and his family. To the rescue comes a female Shinigami (Death God) named Kuchiki Rukia. Rukia chases the Hollow off, and is astounded by the fact that Ichigo can see her and the Hollow, which most mortals cannot. She explains that Shinigami have two duties: to lead the “Pluses” (good souls) to their rest in Soul Society, and to exterminate Hollows, who endanger them. All Shinigami carry a Zanpakutou, or Soul Slayer, with which they can release the Pluses and kill the Hollows. These Zanpakutou resemble katanas in their shape and size. The Hollow comes back at this point to menace the pair again, and Rukia is badly wounded. She thrusts her Zanpakutou into Ichigo’s body, intending to transfer enough of her power into him to enable him to destroy the Hollow….except his soul takes all her power, and combines it with his own, which enables him to dispatch the Hollow with ease. Thus begins Ichigo’s journey, as high-school student and part-time Death God!

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