Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes : S02E01 (Volume Two: Generations) Four Months Later...

Heroes Season 2 starts off with a bang and it delivers, another sure fire good season for this show.
We get introduced to new characters and Hiro's father dies in this one, Hiro is still in feudal Japan as Claire and her family try to be unextraordinary, we also see a resurrected Peter in the end.

Volume II of Heroes begins as Peter, Nathan and Matt’s fates are revealed. As everyone tries to move on following the showdown between Sylar and Peter, a new force emerges that’s working against the heroes. H.R.G. relocates his family to California and tries to live with Claire under the radar, but that proves to be harder than expected. Meanwhile, Hiro finds himself in feudal Japan where he meets his hero Takezo Kensei. Elsewhere, twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera try to get into the U.S. by crossing the Mexican border in order to get help with their deadly abilities.

Heroes 9/10

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