Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prison Break Season 3: S03E01 Orientacion

Did Everybody watch the premiere or did everybody watch the premiere??

Scofields back in prison except this time its the other way around

Michael's behind bars while Lincoln is the one trying to get him out.....

Its mind-boggling how these two brothers keep ending up in prison or just outside its walls

but thats what makes this series work, it keeps you on the edge of your seat always and gives you just enough to the point of falling off of your seat but not quite.....

the Sarah character was not shown in the episode and its all over that the actress will not be coming back but the character is alive on the 1st episode so they may have an ending arc on her. the new prison is completely opposite of the season 1 pristine prison, this ones grimy and dirty plus Bellick walks around in his tighty whitey's

first episode was great
i don't know how the writers are gonna get out of the mess they put Scofield in again so I'm gonna tune in every time........I'm hooked........

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