Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday Night Lights S02E02 Bad Ideas

This episode continues the consequence of Landry and Tyra's secret, it really gets to the both of them but in the end strengthens their relationship and Landry finally tells Tyra he likes her.
The Taylor's on the other hand are dealing with the logistics of a new baby and an out of town job, the coach deals with a disrespectful player that took justin timberlake tickets and has to apologize to the owners of the team, while mrs. Taylor deals with bieng alone with a baby and finds a companion in the science teacher. Julie and Matt's relationship is on hold as as Julie explores options with the "Suede. Matt deals with a new home nurse that is invading his and his grandma's life. Riggins helps Lyla with her father getting drunk because he couldn't host the Dillon Phanther's Blue and White Friday Night, and the two seem to still have feelings for each other... whew

this episode is jam packed and if your not watching Friday Night Lights yet then you should....

Friday Night Lights S02E02 Bad Ideas 9/10

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