Friday, October 12, 2007

Smallville S07E03 Fierce

this episode focuses on supergirl fitting in with the humans in Smallville, i kind a like her, she looks good but sometimes she looks awkward in delivering her lines
it looks like Kara has a crush on Jimmy too....
she enters into the Smallville Miss Sweet Corn and finds miss meteor freaks who are thieves apparently
oh and Lana is back in Smallville so get ready for poorly delivered lines and cheesy moments
and they also delve into the government and extra terestrial connection thing
they also find a new kryptonian symbol apparently a distress signal left in Smallville 100 years ago, I'm betting it came from brainiac though, over all a good episode with some lacking moments but hey Smallville would not be in its seventh season if its no good

Smallville S07E03 Fierce 7/10 rating

P.S. she looks hot in that bikini hehehe.........

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