Monday, October 15, 2007

Movie : Ratatouille

Pixar does it again, i thought Toy Story was the best ever when it came out but Pixar just keeps upping up the ante. Ratatouille is a movie about Remi the rat and his struggle to find himself and all this set in a famous restaurant in Paris. You might cringe at the thought of rats in a restaurant and even the restaurant gets closed down for that reason, but the moral is no matter how rich or poor or whatever you believe you are in life, it is not a reason to stop going for what you really want. In todays society where we are used to conforming to the standards we believe set for us, the movie deffers and teaches us to value ourselves and self worth. Ratatouille telss us to go for our dreams and not merely accpet our current status and with that the movie succeeds for me.


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