Sunday, October 14, 2007

Movie : Trade

This is a really good movie, it stops and make you think that while you are doing your daily routine, there are 1 million persons bieng traded around in the world for forced sex. This movie shows the inner workings of sex trafficking in Mexico. This movie should teach us that if we are to work on another country, we have to make sure that the peope helping us get there, will not exploit us in the end. The only recognizable character i know in Trade is Kevin Kline yet all the other cast give outstanding performances. It really makes you think, especially the scenes where they rent out the girl in the middle of nowhere where numerous assholes do their deed in makeshift huts with egg timers as watches. Thought provoking and you haven't seen it then you should, it wont give you special effects or fancy fight scenes, but i gaurantee you it will make you think...The simple story of a brother finding his sister will get you thinking even long after you have seen this movie.......


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