Friday, October 19, 2007

The Office S04E04 Money

This episode Michael has money problems and has to take on anther job as a telemarketer to fund the costly renovations of Jan. Jim and Pam take their first trip together on The Schroot Bed and Breakfast, as they watch Dwight still not over Angela. This is compounded by Andy giving Angela a cat(which looks like the same cat Dwight tried to replace Sprinkles with). Angela accepts the gift and agrees to go out on a date with Andy, this sends Dwight crying but unexpectedly finds comfort in Jim who he himself realizes what he went through before with Pam getting married almost and values what he has with Pam now more. In the end the old Dwight is back and Michael and Jan work it through to save money but Michael doesn't want her to give up the implants Because he likes them. Oscar was the main helper of Michael surprisingly through his whole ordeal. Simply good television if you ask me.

The Office S04E04 Money....9/10

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