Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Journeyman S01E04 The Year of the Rabbit

While Katie sets up for her big charity event, she is stunned to find that Dan has yet again disappeared. This time around, Dan travels back to the year 1995 in order to help a woman on a blind date, but when Livia arrives to assist Dan with his mission she seems more interested in Dan's relationship with Katie.

In this episode the rift between Katie and Dan get bigger as Katie learns that Olivia is with Dan in his travels. Also this episode marks the first inkling as to the origins of Dans ability because his father and this other doctor was working on some kind of time machine. We also learn that Dan can kill if he had to in the past. Nice episode which is why this series is gaining a good following. A good story with the thrill of science fiction in the back burner.

P.S. Love the Ally Mcbeal throw back as Dan was in 1996 i think

Journeyman S01E03 The Year of the Rabbit.........8/10

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